Pumpie Awards

The Pumpies

The Jr. Pumpie Awards and Pumpie Awards are our two annual awards events where we take a look back on all the shows and events of our season. We love having this opportunity to celebrate all our successes, big and small, together. All participants, patrons, sponsors, donors, and friends are invited to join us for these annual celebration events.

At the Jr. Pumpie Awards, we honor outstanding performers in the following categories who were under 18 at the time that they performed.

  • Outstanding Jr. Lead Actor and Actress
  • Outstanding Jr. Major Supporting Actress and Actor
  • Outstanding Jr. Minor Supporting Actor and Actress
  • Outstanding Jr. Cameo Actress and Actor

At our Pumpie Awards, we recognize outstanding performance, technical work, and volunteerism in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Leading Actor and Actress
  • Outstanding Major Supporting Actress and Actor
  • Outstanding Minor Supporting Actor and Actress
  • Outstanding Cameo Actress and Actor
  • Outstanding Lighting Design
  • Outstanding Sound Design
  • Outstanding Set Design
  • Outstanding Hair & Makeup
  • Outstanding Costume Design
  • Outstanding Poster Design
  • Outstanding Ensemble
  • Outstanding Director
  • Outstanding Show
  • The Ron Connell “Pumpie of the Year” Membership Award
  • Newcomer of the Year (Selected by the Board of Directors)
  • The Don & Ollene Kordecki President’s Award (Selected by the President)

How are awards chosen? Instead of an “Academy,” our members have the privilege to vote to recognize outstanding acting and technical performance, as well as choosing The Ron Connell “Pumpie of the Year” Award. Voting by electronic pre-ballot (to nominate) and electronic ballot is held in July each year, so be sure to sign up or renew your membership before voting begins! More information on membership can be found here.

The Ron Connell “Pumpie of the Year” Award¬†is awarded to an active member who has shown great service to the organization over the year, as voted on by the membership. This award cannot be granted to a Board member.


The Annual Pumpie Awards have been postponed due to rescheduling caused by COVID-19. More information will be released as it becomes available. Read our official closure and reopening updates here.