Pumphouse Playwrights

Developmental Staged Readings for Local Playwrights

The Pumphouse Playwrights program was created to give Georgia playwrights an avenue to be able to hear how their work is interpreted by a director and actors in a staged reading. With staged readings, there is typically little to no set, blocking, costumes, etc., but it is a great opportunity to see how theatre is made from the ground up.

How does it work?  PHP finds a director and actors for you.  Each play reading is followed by a short intermission and then an optional talkback and Q&A session led by a moderator. The audience is able to ask questions and provide feedback in a constructive environment. We are thrilled to be a part of the development process for our local playwrights.

How local is “local?” We accept playwrights across the state, however, preference will be given to those in North Georgia, and the playwright must be in attendance at the reading. After all, the staged reading is for your benefit!

About how long should my play be? For this series, we only accept full length plays. Ones  that we can spend a whole evening on. A good rule of thumb is at least one hour of runtime, approximately 60 manuscript pages.

What type of plays do you accept?  At this time, we are limiting our staged readings to plays for a general audience. No musicals or children’s plays. We also do not accept plays that consist of highly sexual situations or an over abundance of profanity.

I have a completed play! Where can I submit that? This reading series is developmental in nature, so we don’t accept published plays or “complete” plays that have been fully produced. We want to help you by giving community theatre artists the opportunity to work with your piece so you can take that into future development. If your play is completed, we do accept submissions for our regular season! Check out our Season Selection Committee information here.

My play fits. What next?  Make sure your play is blind, with no identifying information anywhere except the title page. We prefer standard play formatting, but the plays format will not disqualify you. Just ensure it is easy to read (i.e. 12 point font). Your play will be submitted as a blind copy to our reading committee.


We accept rolling submissions all year long, with three major deadlines:

  • April 30th
  • August 31st
  • December 31st


  1. The playwright submits their script in pdf format  to karen@pumphouseplayers.com. Please remember no identifying information except on the title page.
  2. Reading committee chooses the play(s) for the series.
  3. PHP plans the date with the playwright.
  4. We will select a director for you and they will cast your show, unless you have specific requests for people you wish us to contact.
  5. The director makes the final decision on casting. Casting is usually done by personal invitation.
  6. The director holds 2-3 rehearsals, depending on the complexity of the show. The playwright does not need to attend.
  7. The playwright develops a short list of questions they would like to hear about from the audience.
  8. We publicize the show on our website and Facebook. Playwrights are encouraged to share the information on social media. Tickets are by donation.
  9. The staged reading is held at the historic Legion Theatre!
  10. The audience members give feedback and ask questions during the talkback with the aim of helping future development.


  • For A Good Time, Mary by Karen Ruetz (November 2018)
  • Living Room by Laurel Ann Lowe (January 2019)
  • B Positive: More Than a Blood Type by Ian Gibson (April 2019)
  • A Good Move by Karen Ruetz (September 2019)
  • Wake Me When It’s Over by Nedra Pezold Roberts (November 2019)
  • My Brother’s Secret Keeper by Emily McClain (January 2020)
  • Ring My Bell Ramona by Karen Ruetz (June 2020)
  • Full Moon Storm Water by Laurel Ann Lowe (June 2020)
  • Dogwood Winter by Traci Damron (July 2020)
  • Some Mirth and a Little Matter by Laura King (August 2020)
  • Paradise, Stayed by Emily McClain (August 2020)
  • ‘Erb: An Ethical Romance by Mel Konner (September 2020)
  • Taking Flight by Frankie Little Hardin (November 2020)