Pumphouse Junior Online Auditions

First of all, let us say that we have missed all our performers, parents, and families so much this summer! We are very sad that we weren’t able to perform Charlotte’s Web for you all, and we know that Fall is going to look a little different than expected, too. BUT! We’ve been committed to brainstorming and researching new ways that we can get together and make art, and we’re really excited to share our plans with you.

We’ve reworked our plan to produce Jr. Halloween Shorts so that we can have some (safe!) fun together!

WHO: Young performers grades K-12

WHAT: Short family-friendly 10-15 minute plays written by local playwrights that will be recorded “live” and later be streamed online

WHEN: Rehearsal and recording for each short play will happen during a one-day (Saturday) workshop between now and October; Streaming performances will be available October 9-31.

WHERE: Rehearsals will be held at the historic Legion Theatre and streaming performances will be available through the streaming platform Showtix4u

HOW TO AUDITION: You will need to complete the form on this page to register for auditions. To complete the submission, you will need to send the following in ONE audition video to pumphousejunior@gmail.com. Multiple videos per auditioner cannot be accepted. Video files can be very large, so we recommend using a service like WeTransfer.com to send the file.


  • First, performers should clearly “slate” by saying “hello,” telling us their first name, and their age.
  • Next, performers should briefly tell us about their favorite book, tv show, or video game and why they like it.
  • Next, performers should have a “scene partner” help them record the short scene attached here. The scene partner should be behind the camera, not on screen, so that the video shows how the performer is able to incorporate body language, show emotion, and react.
  • OPTIONAL: Performers may choose to sing one short, well-known song such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or I’m A Little Teapot to showcase singing skills.
  • Last, we recommend politely signing off with a thank you and/or goodbye.


  • What safety measures will you be taking? We are limiting all our group sizes and we are disinfecting hard surfaces in the theatre between each rehearsal group. Blocking for the short plays will take distancing into consideration, and we will refrain from having performers make close contact with one another.
  • When will I hear back about auditions? We will strive to cast as efficiently and effectively as possible. We hope to have all shows fully cast and scheduled 7-10 days after auditions. To speed up this process, we recommend sending auditions in as early as possible!
  • Will all auditioners be cast? We want to! We promise to strive to cast as many youth as our short plays allow within public health and safety guidelines, but we may have to make some difficult decisions based on the cast sizes of the short plays and/or to limit group sizes.
  • Will parents be able to watch the rehearsals/performances live? In order to maintain public health and safety guidance that allows us to operate, most likely no. Until it becomes safe and allowable for medium-to-large groups to gather, it would pose a safety risk to our team, as well as make it difficult for us to continue hosting this event.
  • Will there be other opportunities for my child? We are working on various options over the coming year, and we think you’ll be excited about them. We have not stopped working toward Pumphouse Junior’s expansion! We thank you, really sincerely, for your patience as understanding as we find new ways to meet our community where you are.
  • Got any other questions? Contact Ms. Laurel at president@pumphouseplayers.com.


  • There is no entry fee or participant fee.
  • There is no stipend or compensation for any playwright, participant, or organizer. Pumphouse Players is a 100% volunteer-run and volunteer-led community organization.
  • Entry to our online events will be by donation or streaming ticket sale/rental. All donations and sales gathered are to support Pumphouse Players, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
  • Playwrights maintain all rights to their plays.



Please complete the following form in entirety to qualify for auditions. All fields are required.

Please acknowledge that you understand the following:
Rehearsal will be held in person at the Legion Theatre in small groups.
Rehearsal will be held in accordance with prevailing public health and safety guidelines.
Peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish are strictly prohibited due to team member and performer allergies.
To comply with gathering limits, guardians may be asked to wait outside the rehearsal hall for pick up and drop off.
Performances will be recorded and tickets will be sold to the online performance stream.
I understand and agree.I do not understand or agree.

After submitting this form, please email the performer's audition video to our production team at PumphouseJunior@gmail.com with the Performer's Name in the subject line. We recommend using WeTransfer.com to submit large video files.