The Solitaire Player


Mary and Jake couldn’t be more different. Mary’s eyesight is failing. Jake can hardly hear. She meditates and consults the tarot for answers. He plays solitaire for peace and penance. When the two meet at the senior facility, it’s because Mary’s son wants her to move in and Jake’s daughter wants him to move out. Sparks fly as the four of them try to figure out the answer to the ages-old question: where do they really belong?


At our staged readings, the dialogue and stage directions are read aloud so that the audience can hear what the play will sound like. Each of our staged readings has benefited from different levels of movement and physicality to paint a mental picture of what the full show will look like. The performance helps the playwright spot potential areas for strengthening their work in the future.

This reading will be directed by Cal Silvers and will feature performances by Ann Burgess, Dave Boggess, Christie Lee Fisher, and Scott Starkweather.

After the performance, there is a brief intermission followed by an optional moderated talkback. The audience has an opportunity to answer some simple questions about the show, as well as provide their general feedback on the show. This process is essential for new play development! Now is your chance to be a part of creating new art!


After finishing a career managing technical projects, Fred is now focused on his passion of writing for the stage. Over the years, he has written technical manuals, screenplays, short stories, several full length plays and numerous short plays. He is active in the Atlanta playwriting community and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. When he isn’t traveling with his wife, he can usually be found writing at his desk, reading on his deck, or sailing wherever the wind will take him.

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Event Details