Online Auditions: Ring My Bell Ramona

We know that our actors and audiences are really missing opportunities to enjoy art, and we’re ready to see you again in the best, safest way we know how. It’s our goal to produce #ArtforEveryStage, now including YOUR home!

We’re hosting auditions on May 18 and May 19 starting at 7:30 PM for a reading of local playwright Karen Ruetz’s new play RING MY BELL RAMONA, as directed by Meghann K. Humphreys. Auditions will be hosted over Zoom by appointment only. RSVP to this event to receive instructions on how to sign up for your audition time slot.

The online reading of RING MY BELL RAMONA will air over Zoom on Saturday, June 6th at 7PM. An optional feedback session will follow so you can be a part of the process of bringing the play to life! Audience feedback is an important part of the playwriting process.


Pastor Brownfield has the perfect life – a devoted wife, and the respect of his community. But, the Pastor has a secret and when he gets an email, will he risk everything he stands for to avoid exposure?


  • Jacob Brownfield: A long admired and respected minister of the Spillman Baptist Church. He is earnest and eager to please his congregation. He is a mild-mannered man who doesn’t like to cross words with anyone.
  • Amanda Brownfield: Rev. Brownfield’s wife. Amanda is a strong-willed woman who married a preacher to please her father. She controls the purse-strings and her husband.
  • Alice Spillman: 70s The Matriarch of Spillman. Her father founded the town and the church, and she doesn’t let anyone to forget it. Never married, and likes to think she is always in charge.
  • William Graham: 30s-50s Spillman’s Mayor and long-time member of Spillman Baptist Church. A friendly, small-town politician, he takes his job and his town seriously, but not his diet.
  • Elizabeth Winton: 40s The church treasurer. Elizabeth is straight-laced and by the book. She is efficient and has a heart of gold. She often finds herself acting as the peacemaker on the Church council, stuck in the middle between Elizabeth and William.
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Event Details