Ghosts From A Secret Past

On June 25, 2022, at 7:30 PM, we’ll present a staged reading of local playwright Gina Marie Dropp’s Ghosts From A Secret Past. The talkback will be moderated by Emily McClain.


Ghosts From a Secret Past by Gina Marie Dropp follows Norah Glass as she communicates with the ghost of her grandfather’s biological mother, Bethany Hart. While visiting the family farm in upstate New York, Norah is the first in three generations to try to help this mysterious ghost. The effort it takes Bethany to relay her message across the veil leaves Norah with little to go off as she works to heal her family’s past trauma. Bravely defying her mother’s instructions to leave the past in the past, Norah secures the path to her future.


At our staged readings, the dialogue and stage directions are read aloud so that the audience can hear what the play will sound like. Each of our staged readings has benefited from different levels of movement and physicality to paint a mental picture of what the full show will look like. The performance helps the playwright spot potential areas for strengthening their work in the future.

After the performance, there is a brief intermission followed by an optional moderated talkback. The audience has an opportunity to answer some simple questions about the show, as well as provide their general feedback on the show. This process is essential for new play development! Now is your chance to be a part of creating new art!


Gina Marie Dropp (she/her/hers) is a queer writer and director based outside Atlanta, Georgia. Recently graduated with her MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University, Gina’s work focuses on woman and their relationship to art, sexuality, and family. Gina is the Artistic Director of Four Walls Theater, an online social justice theater that strives to promote marginalized voices and producing new work. Most recently, Gina is the guest director and playwriting workshop instructor at Young Harris College in north Georgia. Before relocating to Atlanta, Gina studied with The Second City and The Annoyance in Chicago, working around the city on shows such as Under-aged Thinking (The Second City), Gravedigger: The Musical (Lincoln Loft), and The Solo Showcase (The Annoyance). In addition to her theater life, Gina is a registered yoga alliance instructor and enjoys exploring and expanding her perspective on life and art through her practice.


The Board of Directors requests that all Pumpies, patrons and guests wear masks inside the Legion Theatre, irrespective of vaccination status, to help protect those who may be high risk.

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Event Details