Full Moon Storm Water by Laurel Ann Lowe


When city life becomes too much for her to handle, Jemma Greene returns to her childhood home in the Georgia swamp. Nothing much has changed, or so she thinks. The sudden reappearance of an old flame threatens to shed light on secrets that Jemma’s overbearing mother has desperately tried to keep hidden, secrets that could change the way Jemma sees the world and herself. FULL MOON STORM WATER explores what makes who we are, and what magic lies deep within the Okefenokee.

The Zoom reading will be directed by Melissa K. Simmons.

This play includes mature themes, and will be best enjoyed by older teens and up.


Laurel Ann Lowe is a Bartow-native poet, playwright, and community arts advocate. Her first full length play, LIVING ROOM, was read in 2019 as part of PHP’s Local Playwright Series, and her shorts have been included in The In-House Writer events. In 2020, she was named one of Bartow’s 20 Women of Distinction. Currently, she serves as President of Pumphouse Players, Inc. and Program Director of Pumphouse Junior, as well as on the editorial staff of Exhume Magazine. When she is not volunteering, Laurel is the the Creative Director of GAT Marketing.


We know that our actors and audiences are really missing opportunities to enjoy art, and we’re ready to see you again in the best, safest way we know how. It’s our goal to produce #ArtforEveryStage, now including YOUR home!

The online reading of Full Moon Storm Water will air over Zoom on Saturday, June 20th at 7PM. An optional moderated feedback session will follow so you can be a part of the process of bringing the play to life! Audience feedback is an important part of the playwriting process and one of the most direct ways you can help support new art.

Event Details
Event Details