Family Tree

On November 13, 2021 at 7:30 PM, we’ll present a staged reading of local playwright Erin Considine’s new play Family Tree. This reading will be directed by Leslie McCrary. The talkback will be moderated by Emily McClain.


Isabella is losing herself to Alzheimer’s. Her communication comes in repetitive stops and starts, leaving her children to untangle the roots of their past in order to make some weighted decisions about their future. Is a fresh start possible when old growth has been gnarled and broken away?


At our staged readings, the dialogue and stage directions are read aloud so that the audience can hear what the play will sound like. Each of our staged readings has benefited from different levels of movement and physicality to paint a mental picture of what the full show will look like. The performance helps the playwright spot potential areas for strengthening their work in the future.

After the performance, there is a brief intermission followed by an optional moderated talkback. The audience has an opportunity to answer some simple questions about the show, as well as provide their general feedback on the show. This process is essential for new play development! Now is your chance to be a part of creating new art!


Erin K. Considine is an emerging Playwright from the Atlanta Area. Her first full-length play, Pete & Wendy (2016 Bare Essentials Series) led to a continuing collaboration with Working Title Playwrights and the development of Riding Bicycles in the Rain (2017 Ethel Woolson Lab & 2018 Playwrights VoicedFestival) and Flaming Out (2018 First Light Series). Her scripts Twenty-Two (2020 Drama workshop, 2020 New Works Festival, and 2020 Ethel Woolson Lab) and Raising the Dead (2021 Unexpected Play Festival, and 2021 Essential Theatre Festival Winner) both incubated during the lost pandemic year. Erin was named a Finalist for the 2019 and 2021 Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, a Semi-Finalist for the 2020 BAPF and the 2020 PlayPenn Conferences, and she was the Winner of the 2020 Tennessee Williams Festival One-Act Play Competition. Fall of 2020 she was the first Carey Perloff Fellow as part of the Eugene O’Neill Foundation. Erin is grateful and excited to see what happens next.
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Event Details