Dogwood Winter by Traci Damron

Join us July 25, 2020 at 7:00 PM for a staged reading of Georgia playwright Traci Damron’s first play Dogwood Winter. 

This reading will feature performances by Sandra Bohn, Teresa Harris, Ginny Slifcak, Emily McClain, Shea Lee, Cal Silvers, Dave Boggess, Ian Gibson, Mike Davis, Scott Starkweather, Duane Ellis, Joel Rose, and Christie Fisher, and will be directed by Corinne Scott.

At our staged readings, the dialogue and stage directions are read aloud so that the audience can hear what the play will sound like. Each of our staged readings has benefited from different levels of movement and physicality to paint a mental picture of what the full show will look like. The performance helps the playwright spot potential areas for strengthening their work in the future.

After the performance, there is a brief intermission followed by an optional talkback, moderated by Charlie Monroe. The audience has an opportunity to answer some simple questions about the show, as well as provide their general feedback on the show. This process is essential for new play development! Now is your chance to be a part of creating new art!


Dogwood Winter is the story of Grace Vaughn (in her early forties) who is originally from Savannah, GA, but has practiced medicine in downtown Atlanta most of her adult life; the busy pace of life has kept her from going home. Grace has a recently failed marriage from an adulterous husband and the additional complication of stage one breast cancer prompts her to go home to Savannah to visit her Mom, Ruby, who owns a diner there. The diner is the primary focal point of the play where Ruby and her friends (who are all in their early sixties) meet to hash through their own trials with plenty of snarky comments and musings about life. The women eventually guide Grace back toward love found in the character of an old high school friend named Brooks. Believing in life again and allowing oneself to bloom after the “cold snaps” of life are the central message of Dogwood Winter.


Traci Damron is an English teacher with Fulton County Schools having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Francis Marion University and a Master of Liberal Studies degree from Rollins College.  She is a member of Working Title Playwrights in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dogwood Winter is her first play.  When she is not teaching, Traci enjoys playing bass guitar and traveling.

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