Auditions: Bonnie & Clyde

Join us for auditions for BONNIE & CLYDE on July 25 & 26 starting at 7:30 PM at Noble & Main Coffee Co!

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Book by Ivan Menchell; Lyrics by Don Black; Music by Frank Wildhorn


At the height of the Great Depression, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow went from two small-town nobodies in West Texas to America’s most renowned folk heroes and Texas law enforcement’s worst nightmares. Fearless, shameless and alluring, the Tony-nominated Bonnie & Clyde, from the legendary Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde, Civil War, Dracula) is the electrifying story of love, adventure and crime that captured the attention of an entire country.

Don’t miss this thrilling and sexy musical with its non-traditional score – combining blues, gospel and rockabilly music.


  • July 25, 2022 | 7:30 PM | Noble & Main Coffee Co. (Main shop)
  • July 26, 2022 | 7:30 PM | Noble & Main Coffee Co. (Event space directly behind the coffee shop)
  • Register for auditions here:
  • Where: Auditions will be held at Noble & Main Coffee Co. See above for details.
  • What to Prepare: If you register in advance for auditions, you’ll receive copies of the audition sides. Please review the sides for the character(s) for which you’d like to be considered. A reader will be provided during the audition. Auditionees should also prepare a short (16 bar) cut from a Broadway-style song, and bring a track with them for accompaniment.
  • Video Auditions: Only by special arrangement with the production team. Please email director Stacey Bern at if you would like to request alternative auditions due to a date conflict.
  • Didn’t register in advance? Walk-ins are welcome starting at 7:30!


  • REHEARSALS: TBD, primarily weeknight evenings
  • TECH: Oct 2-6, 2022 (mandatory)
  • PERFORMANCES: Oct 7-16, 2022 (6 performances)


  • Director: Stacey Bern
  • Producer: TBD



  • CLYDE BARROW – He/him. 18-25. A charming small-town boy who craves notoriety. Bonnie’s reckless, bold, daring lover.
  • BONNIE PARKER – She/her. 18-25. A beautiful girl torn between love and fame. Clyde’s ambitious, stubborn lover.
  • MARVIN “BUCK” BARROW – He/him. 25-35. Clyde’s brother and an outlaw troubled by his wife’s distaste for his lifestyle. Adventurous and loyal.
  • BLANCHE BARROW – She/her. 25-35. A religious woman who disapproves of the criminal lifestyle. Honorable and righteous. Married to Buck Barrow.
  • TED HINTON – He/him. 18-25. A police officer struggling to separate his feelings from his duties. Kind and honest. Madly in love with Bonnie.
  • YOUNG CLYDE – He/him. Actor must be 13+.
  • YOUNG BONNIE – She/her. Actor must be 13+.
  • ENSEMBLE – Any ethnicity. Any gender. Any age. Store Clerks; Cops/Guards; Bank Customers; Choir; Bread Line Folks.


  • CUMIE BARROW – She/her. 40-55. A kind woman among those suffering in the Depression. Loyal and selfless. Mother to Clyde and Buck.
  • SHERIFF SCHMID – He/him. Any age. The country sheriff.
  • EMMA PARKER – She/her. 40-55. Bonnie’s widowed mother. Fragile, caring, sensitive.
  • PREACHER – He/him. 45-65. The town’s evangelist. Loud, passionate, boisterous.
  • HENRY BARROW – He/him. 45-55. A hard-working man, struggling to survive. Humble and quiet. Father of Clyde and Buck.
  • GOV. MIRIAM FERGUSON – She/her. 40-60. An enforcer of the law and Governor of Texas. Tough and harsh.
  • CAPTAIN FRANK HAMER – He/him. 45-65. A retired Texas Ranger who joins the hunt for Bonnie and Clyde. Recruited by Governor Ferguson.
  • BOB ALCORN – He/him. 30-45. The best sharpshooter in Texas. Recruited by Frank Hamer, he helps hunt down Bonnie and Clyde.


Pumphouse Players, Inc. is a volunteer-led community theatre and does not offer pay or stipends at this time.


While the Bartow County community level is low/green, masks are optional inside the Legion Theatre. You can find our current policy on our website.


Email Director Stacey Bern at with any questions regarding the show or auditions.

Event Details
Event Details