Ada and the Engine Auditions

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One year later, we’re remounting Lauren Gunderson’s ADA AND THE ENGINE! March is Women’s History Month, so we’re happy to have the opportunity to finally bring Ada Lovelace’s story to the stage. We will live capture this show on the Legion stage, and tickets will be available for streaming. We hope to offer limited indoor seating, as well.

Most of the 2020 cast will return, including Caitlyn Keller as Ada Byron Lovelace, Joel Rose as Charles Babbage, Ross McLeod as Lord Lovelace, and Mike Davis as Lord Byron.

AUDITION DEADLINE: Friday, January 8, 2021


  • Lady Byron (F) (35-55) – Ada’s mother. Harsh. Strict. Jealous? Yes. But realistic. She has had a hard life due to Ada’s father, and she tries to protect her from his sins.
  • Mary Summerville (F) (40-60) – Charles Babbage’s friend and colleague and Ada’s mentor. There are no other women as successful and respected in math and science as her. Pragmatic and sharply friendly, she is someone who will tell you that you are wrong.

Please note there is one song at the end of the show; all characters sing at this time.


As the British Industrial Revolution dawns, young Ada Byron Lovelace (daughter of the flamboyant and notorious Lord Byron) sees the boundless creative potential in the “analytic engines” of her friend and soul mate Charles Babbage, inventor of the first mechanical computer. Ada envisions a whole new world where art and information converge—a world she might not live to see. A music-laced story of love, friendship, and the edgiest dreams of the future. Jane Austen meets Steve Jobs in this poignant pre-tech romance heralding the computer age.


  1. Register for an audition slot on EventBrite.
  2. Choose a 1-2 minute audition monologue and practice it a few times.
  3. Choose and rehearse a few bars of a short, well-known song. No backing track or music necessary; a capella is fine.
  4. Use a smartphone, laptop, webcam, or camera to record your monologue and song in ONE video, or edit them together to be one video.
  5. Send your audition materials to by email by Jan 8, 2021. (We recommend using the site for large files.)
  6. Decisions will be sent by email and phone call within one week following the audition close date.


Cast members will rehearse in person for the most part, and are expected to take precautions throughout the rehearsal process to prevent spread of flu, cold, and COVID-19. The cast and crew will have opportunities to discuss and decide preferred practices.

Event Details
Event Details