Board and Committees

Laurel Ann Lowe

President |

Chris P. Bruno

Vice-President |

Stacey Bern

Secretary |

Shelly Thompson

Treasurer |

Imani Anderson

Shannon Boatfield

Justine Scrutchins

Pumphouse Unlimited

Meghann K. Humphreys

Pumphouse Playwrights

Karen Ruetz

Pumphouse Junior

Laurel Ann Lowe

Fundraising Chair

Talley Bulman Autrey

Membership Chair

Alex Autrey

Nominating Chair

Vacant for 2022-23

Season Selection Chair

Chris Bern

Stacey Bern

Board Meetings are usually held on the last Sunday of every month at 6:30pm. Below is our planned schedule for the 2022-23 term. Meetings may be held via Zoom or in-person at the discretion of the Board.

In accordance with the bylaws, members may contact a Member-at-Large to have agenda items added for the Board to discuss in advance of the meeting.

  • July 31
  • Aug 28
  • Sept 25
  • Oct 23
  • Nov 13
  • Dec 18
  • Jan 29
  • Feb 26
  • Mar 26
  • Apr 30
  • May 14
  • June 25