Season 43 announced!!

Well, It’s that time of year again. Time to announce the next season at the Pumphouse Players!

The season will open with “Beer For Breakfast”, August 18th-26th. No, we are not sponsoring a kegger. This comedy features 3 friends on a “guys only” weekend retreat. Displaying various symptoms of middle age crisis, they are trying to recapture the vibrancy and excitement of their youth, including one member of the group who’s recovering from a stroke. It’s the Odd Couple + 1 until someone’s ex-girlfriend shows up and crashes the boys club. Fun abounds when you have “Beer For Breakfast”!

October will find that master of the macabre, Edgar Allen Poe, materializing on the Legion stage in “Nightfall”, an evening that features 3 of his iconic works: “The Raven”; “The Fall of the House of Usher”; and “The Pit and the Pendulum”, each one more terrifying than the last. The author himself will serve as Master of Ceremonies for our Halloween offering, running from October 20-28.

We’ll ring in the Christmas season with “Miracle on 34th Street”, a play based on the beloved motion picture. Recapture the fun and wonder of the holiday season and learn that miracles really do happen when a gent named Kris Kringle applies for work as Macy’s Santa Claus. Set for a 3 weekend run, from Dec. 1 -16, this is sure to be a popular selecction, suitable for all ages. A joint production with Act 1.

February brings Valentines Day and the titillating farce, “No Sex, Please, We’re British!” A young banker’s wife decides to try a work-from-home option, and everyone gets way more than they bargained for! In a case of mistaken deliveries of X-rated merchandise, the surprises and slamming doors just keep coming. Embarrassment abounds onstage, and entertainment in the audience. Definitely for adults! February 2-10, 2018.

Mysterious “Mauritius” hits the stage in April. Suspenseful and engrossing, what begins as a story of 2 sisters at odds over how to handle their late parent’s estate, develops into a plot full of twists and manipulation when it appears that the late father possessed some very valuable and unique stamps. Who wants them, and how far will they go to possess them? Theresa Rebeck’s excellent script will have you guessing and second guessing. April 6-14, 2018.

In May, come visit “Faith County; An Evening of Culture”! A deeply Southern community theatre attempts to put on “Romeo and Juliet”, but if the course of true love never did run smooth, that goes double when this motley group shakes up Shakespeare! Directors and divas, stagehands who are all thumbs, you’ll find lots to laugh at in our nod to the Bard of Avon. He’ll be rolling in his grave, and the audience will be rolling in the aisles! Running from May 11-19th, 2018.

In our final selection for 2017-18, meet “Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike”. Playwright Christopher Durang presents Vanya and Sonia, a brother and sister in late middle age, who have spent much of their adult life caring for their parents and the family home in New England. Now that the parents have passed away, Vanya and Sonia’s movie star sister, Masha, whose earnings have provided the upkeep for all of this, breezes in with the news that she’s selling the old place! Oh, and she brings her latest “boy toy”, Spike, an aspiring but not too inspiring actor, along for the visit. Rounding out the cast are a lovely ingénue, and a housekeeper who just might be into voodoo! All we can say is, “Beware of Hootie Pie!” June 8th-16th, 2018