“Romeo & Juliet” Apr 18 – Apr 20, 2002

RandJ_Poster_Final_bigRomeo & Juliet is the classic tale of two star-crossed lovers caught between their two warring families. The play takes place in Verona, where the two noble families of Montague and Capulet are involved in a fierce and violent feud. While outbreaks of fighting and verbal denunciations on stage prove the bitterness of the feud, the two young offspring of the feuding patriarchs, Romeo (of the Montagues) and Juliet (of the Capulets), fall in love. Romeo begins the play in love with an unseen girl named Rosaline, but quickly falls for Juliet, and she for him, despite their fathers’ animosity, their young ages, and their unfamiliarity with each other. They must keep their affair secret because of their warring families, and with the aid of Friar Laurence, they are fairly successful. However, as is the case in all of Shakespeare’s tragedies, the plot barrels forward at such a rate that no one can stop the unfortunate and inevitable conclusion.