“The Importance of Being Earnest” Sep 22 – Oct 6, 2006

earnest_med_lgOne of Oscar Wilde’s most recognized plays brings to life the ways of the idle rich in English Victorian society. Friends, Algernon and John, practice the art of “Bunburying”: having a fictional person living elsewhere and using them as an excuse to get away from any real social obligations. Neither friend knows of the other’s counterpart until Algernon discovers his friend goes by the name Ernest while in the city. Hilarity ensues when Algernon, pretending to be Ernest, visits John at home. However, John had decided to end the charade by telling all that Ernest had died. Concurrently John wishes to marry Gwendolyn, Algernon’s cousin, but first must pass muster with Gwendolyn’s mother, Lady Bracknell, who is horrified over John’s origins. Additionally John must deal with Cecily, his ward, who is in love with “Ernest” without ever having met him! With a string of misunderstandings, witty repartee about stuffy manners and customs and “earnest” mistaken identities, this classic comedy will always be a favorite for theatergoers.