“Bus Stop” Apr 11 – Apr 26, 2008

Bus Stop Poster revised fixed (480 x 742)It is 1954 in a small Kansas diner, late at night in the middle of a raging snow storm, and Grace the diner’s owner and the young, naïve waitress who works for her are preparing for the late arrival of the Topeka-bound bus when the sheriff stops by to tell them the roads to Topeka are closed and the bus will be staying the night at the diner. When the bus arrives, the first passenger, Cherie, a fifth-rate chanteuse, bursts into the diner and tells them she is being taken to Montana by a head-strong young cowboy who has fallen in love with the nightclub singer and intends to marry he whether she likes it or not. Others on the bus who will be witness to the ensuing struggle include the cowboy’s trusted ranch hand, a former college professor with problems of his own and the bus driver, Carl, whom Grace has been hoping to spend a little time with to start up her own romance. During the time the bus is stranded at the diner, each character learns about love and its consequences through a series of funny and dramatic experiences.