“Dearly Departed” Oct 24 – Nov 8, 2008

DD_poster_w_new_CAA_bgIn the Deep South, the long suffering Turpin family demonstrates that living and dying in Dixie are seldom tidy and always hilarious. Try as they might to pull together for their father’s funeral, the other demons that haunt the Turpins seem to overshadow even this solemn occasion. Oldest son Ray-Bud drinks himself silly. Junior is dealing with financial ruin, a pack of bratty children and a wife who suspects him of cheating on her in the backseat of the family car. Their sister, Delightful, deals with death the same way she deals with everything: by consuming mounds of junk food. To try to cope, the family turns to friends and neighbors for comfort. This eccentric community of misfits could be just what the Turpins need to coax them through this difficult time and, finally, the funeral. Dearly Departed is a Southern classic not to be missed!