“Let’s Murder Marsha” Oct 29 – Nov 13, 2004

LMM04_bgMarsha Gilmore is an avid reader of mystery novels much to the dismay of her husband, Tobias Gilmore. He believes one should read the classics for enrichment. Mystery novels only rot the mind. Consequently Marsha has to hide her tomes in any place she can so Tobias will not catch her deep in the plots and intrigue. With her latest read, Marsha becomes completely enthralled with the plot of a man who wants to get rid of his wife for the money and the love of another woman. How anyone can be blind to such peril is beyond her. Marsha overhears Tobias and Persis Devore plan a surprise for her. Suddenly her life is becoming that in the novel she is reading. She’s going to be murdered! With the help of the neighbor Virgil, Marsha hatches her own counterplot. The situation only gets more complicated when Marsha’s mother, Lynn, overhears the plan to murder Tobias. She then has her own means of preventing the murder. Officer Ben shows up for a date with Bianca adding his own twist to this madcap story.