“The Fantasticks” Feb 6 – Feb 21, 2004

fant_bgTom Jones and Harvey Schmidt’s classic musical fable about love and loss, illusion and reality and the Mystery of Love. Matt, a Boy, and Luisa, a Girl, live next door to each other and become interested in one another in spite of the barrier of the garden wall separating their fathers’ properties, which their fathers have placed there precisely in order to make their children appear as “off limits” to one another and thereby, more attractive. A match is made and a marriage achieved, but the reality of seeing each other day to day sets in, and the Boy and the Girl begin to look about for other enticements, he to the wide world, she to romantic adventure. Their guide on these sojourns is El Gallo, a man of the world recruited by the fathers to bring their children back around. El Gallo’s odd assistants in this venture are Henry, The Old Actor, and Mortimer, usually played as an aging Indian extra from the movies, whose one talent is dying. The Mute, though a character without words or songs, proves to be a most important element in the story.