“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” Dec 6 – Dec 15, 2002

BCPE06v2_bgThe story is about a church Christmas pageant in which the Herdmans, the wildest, toughest kids in town, move in and take over the main parts. Mary smokes cigars. The Wise Men steal. And the Angel of the Lord is more likely to smack the shepherds in the teeth than bring good news. Everyone in the church is scandalized, of course, but trying to fit the totally unsuitable Herdmans into their Biblical roles makes for one hilarious scene after another. (When you can get an adult and a six year old laughing out loud at the same things, you know you’ve got a special story on your hands.) But, underneath the surface of the comedy is another more moving story. The Herdman kids are hearing the story of Jesus’ birth for the first time. They are shocked over the fact that anyone would put a baby in a feeding trough, furious at Herod’s attempt to kill the baby, and amazed at the angel’s miraculous appearance to the shepherds. Their emotional reactions help to renew the meaning of the story for those of us who have heard it hundreds of times. Little by little they become more and more affected by the story and, in the end, this is not just a funny show, but a powerful story of redemption and the true meaning of the Christmas pageant.