“Much Ado About Nothing” Apr 25 – May 4, 2003

Much Ado fullShakespeare’s tangled tale of love and pride will be set in the fictional Appallachian village of Messina, East Vriginia. The local regiment, led by their lieutenant, Don Pedro, is returning from the battlefields of WWI. A victory celebration is planned at the home of Leonato, a well-propertied landowner. There Claudio, a member of the regiment, declares his love for Hero, Leonato’s daughter, much to the scorn of Benedick’, the regiment’s confirmed bachelor, and Don John, the lieutenant’s envious brother. A wedding is planned for a week away. Hero with her witty cousin Beatrice and companions, Ursula and Margaret, busy themselves in preparation. To while away the time, in a fit of matchmaking, the ladies and gentlemen attempt to “hitch up” Benedick with the disdainful Beatrice. At the same time, Don John and his no-good buddies, Conrade and Borachio, attempt to “undo” Claudio and Hero. Only some half-baked detective work by the local constables, Dogberry and Verges, finally saves the day, along with a friendly intervention by the local Justice of the Peace, allowing true love to triumph for all.