Cast of “Night of the Living Dead” has been announced!

We are thrilled to announce the cast for our Halloween production of Night of the Living Dead! We’ve got a great cast filled with newcomers to the Legion, some old friends we haven’t seen in too long and some of our favorite regular performers. This cast is really going to knock ’em dead!

Barbara: Jessica Lee
Johnny: Jonathan Barnes
Harry Cooper: Michael Clark
Helen Cooper: Kim Garrett
Tom: Daniel Youmans
Judy: Jessa Terry
Ben: Mike Davis
Radio Announcers: Suzanne Benoit, Tony Bowers
News Anchor: Daniel Rich
Dr. Grimes: Matt Thompson
Bill Bardough: Daniel Fritz
Chief McClellan: Barry King
Deputies: Andrew Bearden, Kyle Redden, Tyler Robertson, Tim Whalen
Zombies: Catherine Agan, Suzanne Benoit, Tony Bowers, Daniel Fritz, Summer Garrett, Jim Macht, Tyler Robertson, Matt Thompson, Tim Whalen