Auditions for “Trash Day” – March 13, 14 at 7:30pm

Comic culture clash from local playwright Dave Lauby.

A Georgia based comedy that takes aim at suburban stereotypes and prejudices, and even finds a bit of love amongst the rubbish.

Cast breakdown:

3 adult women, 4 adult men

3 teenage boys + 2 “extras”

1 teenage girl

(Teen roles can be filled by actors who can play younger)

Auditions will be by cold reading from the script.



Mawmaw Wooley 60-ish

Pawpaw Wooley 60-mid 60’s

Glenda 30’s (their daughter)

Mike Aubrey 30 – 40

Ray Ornellas ???

Askay (Ray’s ass’t) ???

JR’s mom 30-40


TEEN ROLES (can be played by older actors who look the right age)

James (Glenda’s son) 12-14

Allegrae Aubrey 14-15

JR (a bully) 14-16 (held back a year or two)

Aaron (All-American) 15-16

2 “Drones” (JR’s buddies) 14-15