Auditions for “Mauritius”

“Mauritius” a drama by acclaimed playwright Theresa Rebeck.
Performance dates April 6, 7, 8, 13, 14
MAT show for PHP’s 2017-2018 season
Directed by Karen Ruetz

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.
All Ethnicities accepted. Non-equity.
Bring headshot (or photo of yourself) and acting resume. Bring all conflicts to auditions. Rehearsals will be February 14 – performances (days and times will be set upon casting)

Synopsis: Jackie, the younger of two estranged, half-sisters lives at home to care for their dying mother, while Mary went off to live her life.Jackie, in need of money, is anxious to sell an inherited stamp collection. Mary believes the stamps are hers, and hers alone, since they were passed down from her paternal grandfather and wants to keep them for their sentimental value. The situation grows more complex when three less than ethical, high-stakes stamp dealers, begin vying for the collection.

Jackie 20-30 (Female)
cared for her dying mother, while her older, half-sister left them behind; has in her possession an old family heirloom –a stamp collection– which she is eager to sell.

Mary 30-40 (Female)
Jackie’s older half sister who left home years ago. The stamp collection was her paternal grandfather’s and she wants to preserve them for sentimental reasons

Dennis 25-35 (Male)
Hustler who works for Sterling. A real charmer.

Phillip 40-55 (Male)
Stamp store owner and expert with years of experience, knows all there is to know about stamps for a fee

Sterling 40-55 (Male)
Has plenty of money and likes to get his way, no matter what the cost or who suffers the consequences. Has no patience for games.