Another amazing review of ‘Agnes of God’



This past Saturday night, I was privileged to attend The Pumphouse Players’ production of AGNES of GOD by John Pielmeier and directed by Leslie McCrary.


AGNES of GOD is an intense, thought-provoking story of a young, naive novice, Agnes, charged with an unspeakable crime of which she has no recollection. She is brought to the court appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Martha Livingstone, whose duty is to determine if she is sane. However, the convent’s Mother Superior, Mother Miriam Ruth, fiercely defends Agnes against any sort of psychoanalysis. The battle between Mother Miriam Ruth, who adamantly wishes to protect Agnes’ fragile spirit and Dr. Livingstone, who wants to heal Agnes’ shattered mind, prompts the playwright to describe the play as “a fierce examination of man’s conflicting need for rational certainty and mystery and faith.”


Leslie McCrary, director, guided the three strong actors to provide what could only be called flawless and stellar performances. Karen Ruetz, who portrays the shrewdly rational and agnostic Dr. Martha Livingstone, is a talented and award-winning actor. Her transition from the no-nonsense clinical persona to the concerned, warm persona is outstanding. Multiple award-winning actor Suzanne Husting, Mother Miriam Ruth, portrays a worldly Mother Superior. Her vocal inflection and facial expressions are dead-on and make for an intensely believable character. The young actor, Alesia Silcox, who portrays Agnes, gives a performance of a lifetime. In her characterization of the young, innocent, angelic, but seriously complex novice, she masters the breakneck transitions from one persona to another with fascinating ability.


I would be remiss if I did not mention the simple but stunning effective set as designed by Mike Wasson.

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to an evening of extraordinary entertainment. There are two more performances of AGNES of GOD, Friday March 28th and Saturday March 29th at the Legion Theatre. Curtain is at 8:00 PM. Call the Legion at 770-387-2610 or go online at for reserved tickets.