“A Few Good Men” Aug 3 – Aug 18, 2001

afewgoodmenlg“A Few Good Men” was written by Aaron Sorkin, the Emmy Award winning author and creator of the series “The West Wing.” In his Outer Critics Circle Award winning play, “A Few Good Men,” Sorkin explores the nature of military service and the lengths some will go in the name of protecting the United States from it’s enemies.

When two marines are charged with murdering a member of their platoon during an unsanctioned disciplinary action in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the armed forces hire a lieutenant they believe is a lightweight defense attorney. Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee prides himself in having successfully plea-bargained every one of his 39 cases and would just as well make this one his 40th. However, ambitious internal affairs officer Lieutenant Commander Joanne Galloway smells a rat in the form of a hushed-up practice known as a “Code Red” and, furious at Kaffee’s halfhearted efforts, gets hired as the younger cadet’s defender. Aided by Lt. Cmdr. Galloway’s prodding, Lt. Kaffee begins to realize the rottenness of the whole affair and sets to take on the whole Guantanamo Bay Marine Corps and its codes, a decision that makes inevitable a ferocious head-to-head showdown with an immovable force. Irascible Colonel Nathan Jessup heads the Cuban Marine base and is on the cusp of appointment to the National Security Council. Jessup embodies the whole ends-justifies-the-means mentality and does not take lightly to anyone questioning his or his corps’ methods.