PHP Member Meeting Minutes and a Letter from the President

Dear PHP Members,

Thank you so very much to everyone who was able to attend our first Quarterly General Membership Meeting on Monday, February 24. It has been a while since we have had a Membership meeting and I was unsure how many people would show up. I was truly humbled by the positive response – seeing so many chairs with people in them was fantastic!

The meeting hit a few important topics including the Shakespeare Garden, new chairs for the Lobby and the House, the Nominating Committee, and the formation of other committees. Tony Bowers, our current PHP Secretary, has provided minutes covering our discussion of those topics as well as some other topics that came up during our Open Questions portion of the meeting. If you were unable to make it to the meeting, please take a moment to read through the minutes to see all of the positive changes we have made over the past six months.

Please also take a moment to look at the different committees we have formed. That list is now on our website, which has just gotten a lovely facelift, thanks to Chris Hereth. A good number of those who were able to attend the meeting have already volunteered for some of the committees, which is very exciting! As a matter of fact, Olivia Cantrell has just stepped up to be the point of contact for Pumphouse Junior. Another step in a very positive direction! The Pumphouse Players thrive on that “can-do” spirit we saw in our members at the meeting and are deeply grateful for those who said, “Yes, please, I would like to help.” You are the future of our organization because your work will have a lasting, growing effect for the Pumphouse Players.

We are also excited about continuing to pursue relationships with other arts organizations and businesses in our community. Building bridges among these organizations and businesses is essential to keeping the arts alive in Bartow County. During our current season, we have:

  • Increased involvement with the Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber of Commerce via Leadership Bartow and the October Business Expo. Note about Leadership Bartow: not only has this provided a wealth of networking opportunities, but my group’s service project has been to beautify the back portion of the Legion Theatre. All items in the garden have been donated. Please take a look back there to see how it is progressing.
  • Hosted a Strategic Planning Session with members of other arts organizations (theatre, music), local businesses, and the Downtown Development Authority. Our basic committees were formed as a result of the discussions that occurred at this intense planning session.
  • Participated in Toys for Tots and a canned-food drive during our heart-warming Christmas show, I’ll Be Home for Christmas (thanks to Tony Bowers for coordinating that and thanks to Stacey Bern and her cast and crew for the great show).
  • Participated in the Downtown Development Authority’s February First Friday by teaming up with The City Cellar and Loft to provide a hilarious improv show (thank you, Teresa Harris).
  • Teamed up with Gilreath Hall to hold our Second Annual Valentine’s Dinner and a Play. We increased last year’s numbers simply by holding the dinner portion of the event at Gilreath Hall! Thank you, Joe Hollingshed, for allowing us to use the space in exchange for an Improv Show last Friday, February 28th. All proceeds from that event went to Joe as a “thank you” for allowing us to have our Valentine’s event at his facility at no charge.
  • Attended (and continue to attend) DDA Monthly Mixers.
  • Attended (and continue to attend) Hospitality Association Meetings. One of the members of this group, Maureen Kirkland of Hotel Meeting Match, was able to help us get a complimentary (!!!) hotel room for Bradley Walton, the playwright of Convention: Two Days of Comic Books Gone Bad.

In our upcoming season, we will continue to work with other organizations and businesses by:

  • Hosting a Dinner Theatre show at Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse.
  • Teaming up with the Cartersville Songwriters Exchange and Alias, Smith & Owens for the Second Annual Patriotic Cowboy Show in July.
  • Donating usage of the theatre to ACT 1, Inc., for their Summer ‘Splosion show.
  • Trying something different this Christmas by renting the Legion to the Fusion Dance Company for their production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and to ACT 1, Inc., for their production of It’s a Wonderful Life. It is going to be a FUN Christmas season at the Legion!
  • Pursuing the opportunity to work with museums during our production of Rebel Yells this fall. The production dates for Rebel Yells fall close to the anniversary of Allatoona Pass, a very important event in the history of our county.
  • Pursuing opportunities to team up with other non-profits for special events, such as The Laramie Project and Race.

This season, we have also continued to increase our audience numbers, improve the quality of our shows, receive new sponsors and donations from our generous patrons (thank you to The Dundees, JMish, Suzanne Benoit, & The Bergerts), get our wiring up to code (thank you, Sidney and Karen Ruetz), and organize and inventory our costumes (under the leadership of Sandy Cunningham), among other things. We tend to stay pretty busy!

Believe me, folks, those lists will get lengthier as the year progresses! When you have a group of people with positive energy and ideas, many good things will be accomplished!

Before I conclude this letter, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the amazing Board of Directors we have: Donna Young (Vice-President), David Pendergraft (Treasurer), Tony Bowers (Secretary), Tina Brush (Member-at-Large), Leslie McCrary (Member-at-Large), and Chris Hereth (Member-at-Large). These people have been working tirelessly to make this theatre the amazing place it is. And a huge thank you to Debi Conner, our Office Manager. If you have not met Debi yet, please stop by the theatre sometime. She is in the Legion Lobby Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00. Debi keeps us in line! I honestly don’t know what we would do without her – and I really do mean that!

Again, thank YOU for being the greatest members a theatre could hope for! I look forward to working with you all as we continue to make the Pumphouse Players an amazing organization.

With the sincerest gratitude,


Meghann K. Humphreys


Pumphouse players general membership meeting February 23rd, 2014 

Meeting called to order at 6:30 P.M. President Meghann Humphreys presiding

First order of business status of current season so far.  The most recent show “Play It Again,Sam” finished it’s run the previous weekend. All shows presented so far this season (Arsenic,Convention,Bad Seed,I’ll Be Home..Murder By The Book and Sam) have made a profit. Making this one of  PHP’s most successful seasons so far. The final two productions “Agnes Of God” and “Wait Until Dark” will open in March and May respectively.  Our financial status is good and as of 31 Jan., we had $28,307.36 in our account.

Next order of business Shakespeare garden and donations of chairs to the theater. Work continues on the Leadership Bartow service  project of a Shakespeare garden at the rear of the theater. Work should conclude on the garden sometime in early May. A opening reception by the Chamber Of Commerce is in the planning stages. A donation of stack chairs from R.T. Jones Library  in Canton to replace the folding ones currently in the lobby and green room has been accepted by the board. Board members Donna Young and Tony Bowers will pick up the chairs from the Library on March 1st. Donna and her husband John will transport them to the theater.

A donation of new seats from Dalton Artistic Civic Theater has also been accepted by the board. The seats will be donated free of charge to PHP. An appointment to meet with a rep from ACT and transport of the seats to the theater will be made as soon as ACT’s new theater seats arrive.

Next order of business formation of the nominating committee for the 2014 election. Corinne Scott,Mallory Holder and Will Brooks will form this year’s committee. Corinne presented the duties of the committee and also stated the qualifications needed for those interested in running for one of the four executive offices (President,Vice President,Treasurer,Secretary) anyone interested should have their dues paid up to date and needs to let either Corinne,Mallory or Will know of which position they wish to run for by the end of March so they can be put on the ballot that is then sent to the current Secretary Tony Bowers. An election will be held at the next membership meeting in late May. Per the bylaws anyone who has not declared his or her intent to run for office can do so at the meeting. A vote will then be taken. Votes are anonymous and anyone who cannot attend may send vote by proxy provided that it is sent to Corinne in advance of the meeting.

Next order of business formation of new committees. Committees or Task Forces  are being formed in the following categories: Artistic Direction,Theater Relations,Community Relations,Special Events,Membership, Front of House and Special Tasks. Volunteers are currently being sought for these with some positions already filled.

The floor was then opened for questions and comments. A question from the floor concerned the removal of the lobby stage and it’s effect on the Pumphouse Junior program. Meghann stated that while the remaining two productions for this year will be performed . The program will be suspended indefinitely until someone can be found to take charge of it. In the meantime a partnership is being worked out with local children’s  theater ACT ONE productions to produce their youth theater at The Legion.

No further questions were asked.

A motion was made a seconded for dismissal.

Meeting dismissed at 7:00 P.M.